Internship for students at Carlsberg Azerbaijan LLC

The Carlsberg Azerbaijan Company offers students and those who have recently graduated from universities a salaried internship and the job opportunity after graduation.

    3rd year and older students (including masters and postgraduates) of the full-time department can undertake an internship at Carlsberg Azerbaijan. Students are offered to conclude an employment agreement (with a certain probationary period). After internship is over, interns with strong performance may be offered permanent employment subject to their experience and specialty (as well as available jobs in the Company).

Benefits of an internship:

The internship at Carlsberg Azerbaijan is

– the opportunity to get a rare and crucial experience in the specialty

– the opportunity to improve the professional and personal skills

– the opportunity to get a highly desirable job, along with higher education

– the opportunity to participate in the real projects of a group of high profile professionals

An internship at Carlsberg Azerbaijan can be your first smart move towards a dream career!

Information concerning participation in the internship program

 Required specialties and description of responsibilities:


  • Warehouse
  • - Management of the operating procedure for reception (by quantity and assortment), movement and delivery, storage, placement, sorting and processing, taking into account the rational use of the warehouse premises.

    - Preparation of storage facilities for the reception, processing and release of articles.

    - Organization of loading and unloading operations in the warehouse.

    - Participation in the scheduled and unscheduled audits and inventories.

    - Accounting in quantitative and monetary terms within the competence, ensuring the integrity and safety of primary documents on the movement of goods in the warehouse.

    - Inspection of the warehouse equipment, inventory and tools to ensure their corresponding working condition.

    - Basic level of knowledge in terms of working with specialized software for the warehouse.

    - Compliance with safety regulations and labor protection standards regarding the organization of work in the warehouse

  • Technical Unit
  • - Acquaintance with the fundamentals of electronics and automation

    - Technical inspection and maintenance of electronic systems

    - Identification and elimination of electronic problems in the control systems

    - Instrument calibration

  • Technical Unit
  • - Acquaintance with the fundamentals of mechanics

    - Technical inspection and maintenance of equipment

    - Identification and elimination of mechanical problems

  • Quality control
  • - Acquaintance with the fundamentals of microbiology in food laboratories

    - Microbiological testing of products

    - Culture propagation. Control of washing water

  • HR record management (HR)
  • - Higher education

    - Excel proficiency level above average

    - Presentation Skills

    - Good knowledge of Azerbaijani, Russian (English-intermediate)

    - Creation of advertisements s and placement on websites, sourcing of candidates, conducting initial telephone interviews, organization of meetings-interviews 

    - Coordination of the training base and sourcing in the market upon request, online reporting, assigning and tracking the status of mandatory online trainings

    - Document management, preparation and signing of intra-company orders, decrees and data entry into the corporate accounting system

    - Vacation management at the Company

  • Admin (records management)
  • - Azerbaijani, russian – fluent 

    - English – technical language

    - Document management

    - Archive

    - Preparation and signing of intra-company orders, decrees and data entry into the corporate accounting system

  • Finance (Accounting)
  • - Handling of paper documents

    - Validation of warehouse documentation

    - Archiving

    - Downloading of documents from state portals

    - Reconciliation with suppliers and customers

    - Economic education


  • Corporate Communications

          - Communication skills and educated speech

          - Education in Journalism, Marketing or Business Administration


General requirements for candidates:

– 3rd year and older students

– fluent Azerbaijani & Russian (speaking and writing), preference to be given to the candidates with knowledge of English

– high level of social skills

– good command of MS Office package (Word, Excel)

How to take part in?

Persons wishing to take part in the selection for the Summer Internship Program of the Carlsberg Azerbaijan Company (Assessment and Testing Center) can upload their CV by following the link until May  24, 2024.

The CV must indicate the university you study at, your specialty, skills and work experience (if any).