What will the donations from the Carlsberg foundations do to fight COVID-19?

The Carlsberg foundations donate DKK 95m (approx. $13.8m) in response to Coronavirus including three internationally recognised virus research projects.

​​​​​​​​​​The three foundations in the Carlsberg family seek to help mitigate the challenges associated with the Coronavirus. It is in the DNA of foundations to take responsibility when people and society are met with serious challenges. A total of DKK 95 million (approx. $13.8m) will be donated.

The Carlsberg Foundation, which fosters and supports ground-breaking research for an enlightened future, grants DKK 60 million to three internationally relevant Coronavirus projects.

  • DKK 25 million is donated to a scientific group of internationally renowned virus researchers in a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and the Serum Institute.
  • DKK 25 million is donated to a social science and humanities group of behavioral researchers who, in a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and the Technical University, will research into how we as a society handle epidemics most effectively.
  • DKK 10 million is donated to an interdisciplinary group at Roskilde University that will research the outbreak, spread, and cessation of historical epidemics. The three projects will pave the way for new, global insights into behavior, prevention, diagnosis and treatment for COVID-19 preparedness and future epidemics.

"COVID-19 is developing exponentially right now, so we are pleased that we have quickly been able to mobilize a collaboration between a number of the world's leading researchers to contribute to solving the enormous challenges we face. Carlsberg's founders J.C. and Carl Jacobsen and the Carlsberg Foundation have historically helped when communities have been in crisis., and we now need science more than ever to help solve these issues and think long-term"​​ - Chairman of the Carlsberg Foundation, Professor Flemming Besenbacher

The New Carlsberg Foundation, which supports the arts, donates DKK 30 million to restart crisis-affected art museums in Denmark. 

Many art museums are temporarily closed on instructions from the authorities in connection with COVID-19, and the Ny Carlsberg Foundation has decided to provide funding to art museums for the implementation of programs that will draw guests back to museums when they reopen.

"Museums form an important part of cultural and business life, and on behalf of the New Carlsberg Foundation, we would like to support their efforts, so the art museums can reopen and hopefully resume their essential role in society"- Chairman of the New Carlsberg Foundation, Christine Buhl Andersen

The Tuborg Foundation, which supports young people's commitment to a sustainable future, donates DKK 5 million to an emergency pool for civil society youth organizations to launch activities targeted at people who are particularly affected by COVID-19. 

The Foundation will also monitor the need for assistance in those parts of the business sector that are severely affected by the current situation, for example, music venues that the Tuborg Foundation has a tradition of supporting.

"We want to give young people the opportunity to make a difference for the vulnerable people who are currently particularly affected by the epidemic. We have a very special civil society in Denmark, and from the Tuborg Foundation we want to give young volunteers the means to lift the specific tasks that many people can benefit from in this urgent situation"- Chairman of the Tuborg Foundation, Anne Marie Skov

With these additional donations, the Carlsberg family foundations want to signal their support to the stakeholders and partners that are making a big difference to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and build better resilience for the future.


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