Carlsberg Azerbaijan reveals the secrets of beer

On July 28, on the eve of the International Beer Day traditionally celebrated in the first days of August the largest brewing company of the country, Carlsberg Azerbaijan, organized a special event in edutainment form targeting to promote "beer literacy".

The "Beer Sommelier" project exists at Carlsberg Group companies for several years, its goal is to inform consumers about the types and sorts of beer and its history, teaching how to properly serve and pair beer and food and to use an amber drink as a key ingredient while preparing various dishes.

Continuing this practice, on July 28, Carlsberg Azerbaijan together with the Boulevard Hotel Autograph Collection held an event timed to coincide with 142nd anniversary of the Press Day in Azerbaijan, where the experts of culinary and beer business told the representatives of Azerbaijani media about the main types of beer, the rules of serving and tasting, and also demonstrated the preparation of some BBQ food using beer.

Then, guests of the event had an opportunity to taste the food prepared by the chef, each of which was served with appropriate sort from the Carlsberg Azerbaijan brands portfolio.


Marketing manager of the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion, Jamila Talibzadeh: "I had a chance to participate at today's event on behalf of the National Bureau of Tourism Promotion and express our willingness to support Carlsberg Azerbaijan in their projects on corporate social responsibility. This initiative may seem to many people as just an opportunity to spend an interesting evening and learn something new about beer and culinary. However, I suggest looking at Carlsberg Azerbaijan's initiative from a different angle. It is a common knowledge that in many European countries the culture of beer brewing and consumption has become so popular that it attracts great attention: they organize thematic events, festivities, festivals which are visited by guests from other cities and countries, in other words, attract tourists to the country. I would like to see Carlsberg Azerbaijan continue to hold events that directly or indirectly contribute to promoting tourism and attracting visitors to Azerbaijan".


While cooking, Supply chain director of Carlsberg Azerbaijan, Konstantin Belugin, with a 19-year experience as a brewer and a great gourmet told the guests many interesting things about the way of choosing and consuming beer: "I think it's time to change our consumers' view of beer, because it's not just a drink that pairs with a limited range of well-known snacks. Beer is whole category, different varieties of which could be paired with almost all the dishes known to the culinary. Today we invited participants to immerse themselves in the world of culinary and beer specialties and tried to destroy stereotypes about consuming beer. I think this is just our first step to improve and develop a culture of beer consumption in Azerbaijan".


"Beer is a drink with a rich history, traditions, a plethora of species, and a kind of gastronomic pleasure. A diverse summer menu, offered by the chef, perfectly revealed the uniqueness and nuances of our sorts of beer. I think everyone knowing at least a little about the beer assortment in the country knows the brand No.1 Xirdalan firsthand, but the "Beer Sommelier" project became an excellent platform to present our other sorts to the participants, to teach them how to properly serve and pair them with food. And surely, it is always worth remembering that one can enjoy beer completely only by moderate and responsible consumption" – the head of corporate affairs department of Carlsberg Azerbaijan, Nadezhda Ovsiannikova.


Banquet saucier of Boulevard Hotel, Emil Gurbanov: "As a chef, I often use beer while cooking, and the beauty of my work is the best dishes often come up out of hand , and I noticed that the dishes prepared with beer almost always suits the guests' taste. For me on the first place is the use of beer in meat dishes as a marinade, here it is primarily about beef, but other types of meat can also be marinated in beer. I love to cook sea food using beer even more than using wine. Cooking shrimps in the beer, baking meat in beer in the oven, cooking sausages in beer - all gives excellent results".


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