A republican assembly was held within the framework of the “Green World Solidarity Year”

On April 27, a republican assembly on “Demonstration of New Soil and Resource-Saving Technologies Adapting to Climate Change” was held in Yevlakh district within the framework of “Green World Solidarity Year,” jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Economic Zones Development Agency under the Ministry of Economy, Carlsberg Azerbaijan, “Azersheker” LLC and “Gilan Pivot” LLC. The event was attended by deputy Minister of Agriculture Sarvan Jafarov, Khalig Aliyev, the first deputy head of the Yevlakh City Executive Power, representatives of relevant government agencies, and heads of companies operating in the field of Agriculture.

Sarvan Jafarov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, said that as a result of the high state attention paid to the non-oil and gas sector in Azerbaijan in recent years, a substantial basis has been created for the transition to a qualitatively new stage of development in the agricultural sector, which is one of the leading sectors of the economy, and important steps have been taken in the process of reliably ensuring the country's food security.  According to him, the Decree signed by President Ilham Aliyev on increasing the efficiency of production of agricultural products, providing state support to producers and the tasks given by him have expanded the possibilities of applying innovative technologies by stimulating the continuous improvement of production indicators in this sector.



Alius Antulis, Managing director of Carlsberg Azerbaijan, mentioned that 2024 has been declared the '“Green World Solidarity Year” in Azerbaijan. We are very proud that our partner Azersheker is promoting the Responsible Farming and adopting efficient agricultural technologies, aligning with the ambitions of the Carlsberg Group's “Together Towards Zero and Beyond” sustainable development program.

We are honored to be here today with Xirdalan 0.0, the first locally produced alcoholic-free beer made from Azerbaijani barley grown in Yevlakh and Aghjabadi. Our high-level ambition is to achieve wide export of high-quality Azerbaijani beer produced from 100% local raw and packaging materials.



Anar Mehdiyev, the Chairman of the Board of Azersheker LLC, mentioned that given the global climate change, the most efficient use of our limited water and soil resources is becoming one of our essential goals. Our company has understood this responsibility since its creation and such an approach has become part of our mission and vision. For over four years now, we have been implementing the necessary research and investments to increase efficiency in agriculture. We believe that if we can achieve broader implementation of the successes we have achieved in this direction in our country, we can make significant progress in the overall development of the sector.




Ruslan Alaskarov, the CEO of Gilan Pivot LLC, noted that Global warming, drought, and depletion of water sources further emphasize the importance of proper utilization of irrigation water.” The environmental consequences of global climate change do not bypass our country either. Currently, a number of state projects aimed at the efficient use of water resources of our country are being implemented. Such projects play a significant role in the development of the agricultural sector. We also express our deep gratitude for our government's attention to this sector. I would like to specifically note that, as Gilan Pivot, we consider it our duty to contribute to the conservation of our country's water reserves.

I would like to emphasize that we are implementing the latest irrigation technologies to ensure the formation of sustainable agriculture, and we continue our work in this direction. Among these, our successful implementation of the Dragon Line hybrid irrigation system, which conserves up to 50% of irrigation water, and our upcoming utilization of Solar panels in this field will mark significant milestones in our country's use of alternative energy sources.

The main purpose of the assembly, attended by nearly 500 guests, was to promote the widespread implementation of water-saving technologies and innovative solutions adapting to climate change in the agricultural sector to mitigate the negative impacts of global warming observed worldwide in recent years, protect the environment, enhance knowledge and skills among farmers operating in regions affected by drought, and facilitate the sharing of experiences gained in this field by large-scale farming enterprises and agroparks.

During the assembly, innovative technologies, techniques, modern irrigation systems, organic fertilizers, and bio-preparations applied in the agricultural sector were showcased, and questions from participants were answered, addressing topics that interested them.


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