Azerbaijan beer No.1 will be the sponsor of the ZHARA 2019 Music Festival

Xırdalan, which is the beer brand No.1 in the country, is a beer sponsor of the Zhara Festival.

Xırdalan, which is the beer brand No.1 in the country, is a beer sponsor of the Zhara Festival. Lager Xırdalan pleases consumers with excellent quality and amazing taste for over 20 years and has over a million loyal customers across the country as well as in demand among the guests of our country. It should be noted that a new unfiltered variety of Xirdalan was released in May, which has already managed to catch the fancy of consumers.

Xırdalan Beer is the flagship brand of Carlsberg Azerbaijan, which is part of the Carlsberg Group. In 2018, Xirdalan received a gold medal at the prestigious InternationalBeerChallenge competition held in the UK. It should be noted that hundreds of sorts of beer from more than 30 countries took part in the competition, and famous beer experts acted as the jury, therefore the first place in such a prestigious international competition is the evidence of excellent quality and impeccable taste.

In June this year, at InternationalTasteInstitute competition held in Belgium, the capital of Brussels, Xirdalan received a high quality score which was 85.5 out of possible 90.

This year, Xirdalan became the beer sponsor of one of the most grandiose events of the year, the international music festival ZHARA 2019.The festival will last 4 days and a lot of pleasant surprises of Xirdalan brand and a plenty of favourite hits will wait for you during these days.

Xirdalan invites you to have a good time at the main event of this summer. What could be better: summer on the shores of the Caspian Sea, favourite taste of Xirdalan and stars at the ZHARA Festival.




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