Work experience for students at Carlsberg Azerbaijan LLC

Carlsberg Azerbaijan creates an opportunity for a paid internship to students and new graduates and offers them to continue their work at our company after finishing university education.

The intern at Carlsberg Azerbaijan can be a student studying at the full-time department of the 3rd year or above (including master and post-graduate courses). Students are offered a labor contract (with a probation period). After the end of the practice period, the interns performing high results may be offered permanent jobs in accordance with their experience and qualifications (if there is an appropriate vacancy in the Company).

The advantages of being an intern:

What is the internship at Carlsberg Azerbaijan?

- Opportunity to gain a unique and important experience in your specialty

- Ability to improve professional and personal skills

- In addition to studying at the university, opportunity to get a prestigious job

- Opportunity to participate in real projects of the team of the highest professionals

The opportunity to become an intern at “Carlsberg Azerbaijan” can be the first step to the career you desire!

Information for applying to the internship program

List of required qualifications:

• Mechanical engineer

• Electrical power engineering

• Automation and electronics

• Mathematics

• Marketing

• Economy

• Finance

Requirements for candidates:

- 3rd year or above student

- Fluent in Azerbaijani and Russian (speaking and writing). Preference is given to those who know English

- High communication skills

- Good knowledge of Internet Explorer and MS Office programs (Ms Word, Ms Excel).

How to start the process?

Those who want to participate in the selections (test and assessment center) to the summer internship program of Carlsberg Azerbaijan can send their CV to the address until April 15, 2020. The name of the University you studied, your specialty, skills and work experience (if any) must be indicated in your CV.
“Summer Internship Program” must be written in the subject section of the e-mail.