New product launch and technical development manager

Main job responsibilities: 

  • Ensures effective work of project managers;
  • Participates in the development of plans for the future development of the enterprise, plans to improve production efficiency, the introduction of comprehensive mechanization and automatization of production processes, in the preparation of technical specifications for the design of new and reconstruction of existing equipment;
  • Takes part in conducting audits of production units;
  • Carries out functional control over the expenditure of funds of divisions;
  • Participates in the development and implementation of projects for the improvement and management of production;
  • Organizes the implementation of technical investment projects;
  • Controls the timely commissioning of equipment and the completion of contractual and warranty obligations under the concluded contracts;
  • Maintaining and monitoring documentation, work schedules, reports, protocols within the entrusted projects;
  • Participation in the preparation and holding of tenders for the selection of suppliers and contractors in the direction of capital investments;
  • Actively interacts and initiates collaboration between functions to highlight business strategy and production volumes in the next 3-5 years;
  • Coordination and participation in cross-functional teams for the development of New Products and New Technologies;
  • Analyze and assess the needs of real and potential consumers in order to make decisions about what products and ideas should be released and promoted by the company;
  • Monitoring of packaging solutions and technologies available on the market jointly with brand teams, analysis of the possibility and feasibility of their use.
  • Identifying areas of potential growth and development of the Company's business jointly with brand teams, identifying possible relevant solutions and technologies to ensure such development and meet the demand and needs of the market;
  • Analyze marketing activities, new launches (volume, strategies and means of promotion) of other enterprises in the country and abroad;
  • Participate in the development, together with the financial department, of short-term, medium-term and long-term (month, quarter, year) sales plans of the company;
  • Participate in the preparation of documents related to the process of launching new products.


Requirements for candidates: 

- higher professional technical / economic (industrial economics or production management;

- confident user of EXCEL, PowerPoint;

- to have an analytical mindset

- ability to work with numbers and databases

- ability to work with documentation,


Knowledge and skills: 

- experience of work with investment projects (project management) at least 3 years;

- knowledge of the principles of operation of technological equipment, understanding of technology and the specifics of production;

- experience with data arrays

- experience in managing several projects at the same time

- experience in launching innovations (grocery, packaging, market promotion) as project management



If you meet the above requirements and wish to apply for this interesting and difficult vacancy at the same time, please send your resume here. 


Deadline for applications: Friday, January 31, 2021 

We draw your attention that only a limited number of candidates will be invited for an interview.