Our SAIL'22 strategy was launched in March 2016 with the ambition to make the Carlsberg Group a succesful, professional and attractive brewer in our markets. The key strategic choices of SAIL'22 are grouped under the headings "Strengthen the core", "Position for growth" and "Create a winning culture". Delivering on these choices will in turn enable us to deliver enhanced value for our shareholders.

SAIL'22 was co-developed by the top leadership team in the Carlsberg Group in order to leverage the Company's vast knowledge base, support a team-based culture and secure a fast implementation.

The main blocks of our strategy are below:

Some have to dig deep to find their purpose, for us it has always been there.

We pursue perfection every day.

We strive to brew better beers. Beers that stand at the heart of moments that bring people together.

We don't settle for immediate gain, when we can create a better tomorrow for all of us.


Successful by delivering sustainable organic top-and bottom-line growth; professional by being the preferred supplier of our customers; and attactive by delivering value for shareholders, employees and society.

To achieve our ambition, SAIL'22 focuses on four key priorities:

  1. Strengthen #1 & #2 positions: We leverage our strong beer brands and market positions to drive growth.
  2. Position for growth: We drive growth in geographies and segments where we see long-term growth opportunities.
  3. Deliver value for shareholders: Org
  4. Create a winning culture: We have a winning culture to deliver on our choices.

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