Baltika-Baku and Traffic Police conducted a campaign dedicated to the problem of drunk driving

On September 16, 2016 Baltika-Baku, being a part of one of world brewing industry leaders - Carlsberg Group, and the State Traffic Police Department of the Baku city Main Police Department conducted a joint campaign dedicated to the problem of "Drunk driving". The event was held as part of the global initiative of brewers around the world called "Global Beer Responsibility Day".

 The initiative "Global Beer Responsibility Day", launched in 2015 by the world's largest brewers, aims to raise public awareness of the importance of sober driving, the inadmissibility of drinking alcohol by minors and the development of a culture of alcohol consumption in general. In 2015, a number of countries, including the United States, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Ukraine, and China, took part in this initiative. Carlsberg Group, being one of the companies, standing at the tradition origins, pays much attention to the solution of these problems in its regions.

In 2016 Baltika-Baku, part of the Carlsberg Group, also joined this initiative. On September 16, the State Traffic Police Department of Baku city Main Police Department and the "Baltika-Baku" Company conducted a campaign focusing on the problem of drunk driving at the most dangerous parts of the city.

Traffic officers pulled over cars and offered drivers a voluntary alcohol test. Then they informed drivers that September 16 is the Global Beer Responsibility Day, and Baltika-Baku representatives provided drivers with an information booklet telling about the danger of driving under the influence of alcohol and the body's ability to absorb various types of alcoholic beverages and its timing, and also gave a souvenir of the company.

CEO of the "Baltika-Baku" Company Victor Semak: "Paying attention to problems existing in the regions of our location is our company's tradition. We decided to join this international event on the Global Beer Responsibility Day, as the problem is very urgent, and we believe it is important to draw the attention of society to it and to promote responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. I want to express my special thanks to the police officers for their cooperation and their indifference in the organization of this campaign."

Head of the Public Relations Department of the State Traffic Police Department of the Main Police Department of Baku city, Police Colonel Vagif Asadov: "Unfortunately, every year hundreds of people around the world become victims of drunk driving and our city in this case is no exception. Of course, we are making every effort to solve this problem as efficiently as possible. In recent years there has been a tendency to reduce the incidence of such violations. However, the continuation of the work in this direction to ensure road safety in Baku is our direct responsibility, and today's campaign in cooperation with the largest beer manufacturer in the country, "Baltika-Baku" Company, is an excellent opportunity to remind drivers once again of the importance of sober driving. On the other hand, I am very glad that the manufacturer of alcoholic products represented by Baltika-Baku also understands the importance of this issue and puts the safety of the residents of our city before all else."