Baltika #0 Wheat

Baltika #0 Wheat

Beer type:
Baltika #0 Wheat

Baltika 0 Unfiltered Wheat Beer is a mild refreshing beer with a unique taste being perfect for thirst quenching. Due to the use of wheat malt, beer has a pleasant flavour with spicy-citrus notes and amber matte color, natural for unfiltered beer types.

Beer lovers will appreciate this beer. There is all the more reason for this as you can enjoy a glass of this mild drink in any life situation - with your partners and colleagues at work, with your friends on vacation, on the eve of the day being important for you, when you need to get up early, and when you just want to drink a freshening beer on a hot day.

"Baltika 0 Unfiltered Wheat Beer" is a non-alcoholic beer, produced by dialysis technology, i.e. careful removal of alcohol from the finished beer.

Due to the use of modern technologies in the new "Baltika 0" Non-Alcoholic Beer, everything, the unfiltered wheat beer is liked for, is preserved - mild texture, rich taste and full-bodied flavour.

Nutritional Info

6.0 g per 100 g of beer


Purified drinking water, pale barley malt, malting barley, wheat malt, malt extract, "Spice" complex nutritional supplement, hop products